Food Tray Order Form


All orders have to be submitted 3 business days to our order form from our Kathy G. & Co. official Website. The order must be confirmed by an email confirmation by Kathy G. & Co. to client for a pick-up of delivered day and time. All orders must be completed on-line from the website only- (Kathy G will not accept phone orders).

PICK UP only:

All pick-up orders have to be a minimum of 25 people and to be picked-up from our main office in located at:
11 West Park Circle
Birmingham Alabama 35211

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All orders must be submitted at least 3 business days before your event date
Beverage by the Gallon (Optional)
One Gallon of Tea equals 11 servings (based on 12 ounce cup). Bagged Ice will be sent with a disposable ice bowl and scoops.
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All prices are based on 25 guests